The 6 Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Diet

1. Margaritas

Did you know the average frozen margarita may contain 300 to 600 calories in just one serving? Indulge in the chip basket and another round and you may be nearing or exceeding your recommended daily calorie needs in just one sitting! But with bistroMD’s frozen strawberry margarita recipe, you can guiltlessly enjoy a five-ingredient cocktail for only 130 calories per serving!

2. Piña Coladas

Although you might enjoy getting caught in the rain… do not get caught in this sugar and fat-laden cocktail! Although its creaminess is highly desired, one piña colada may contain up to eight grams of saturated fat and 31 grams of sugar. And according to the American Heart Association, men should consume no more than 37.5 grams of added sugar per day while women are limited to 25 grams. That being said, one piña colada serving comprises approximately 83 percent of men’s daily sugar intake and breaks women’s sugar bank exceeding 150 percent!

3. Daiquiris

Adding on “strawberry” to a frozen cocktail does not enhance its healthfulness. In fact, the “strawberry” is more than likely a syrup loaded with added sugars. And one traditional strawberry daiquiri can easily pack on an additional 300 calories… But instead of following tradition, enlighten the taste buds with this unique fizzy blueberry mint drink!

4. Mai Tais

While vibrant orange colors and the accompanying mini umbrella may take you to a quick beach journey, a Mai Tai may not be the sunniest choice for health and may have you swimming in sugar… Although the pineapple and orange juices may offer valuable nutrients unlike the other drinks, they may also be loaded with sugar. Add the grenadine syrup and you may be more than knees deep in (at least 18 grams of) sugar, though depending how exactly the Mai Tai is created.

5. Long Island Iced Teas

Do not let the name fool you, long island iced teas are actually devoid of tea but rather prepared with cola. Soda packs on added sugars already and add on the numerous spirits, calories are more than ample. Astoundingly, one serving may contain up to 800 calories!

6. Amaretto Sours

Although the added lemon contributes to its name, amaretto sours are nothing short of sweet. In fact, one single serving can supply over 30 grams of added sugar! Amaretto liqueur itself is already high in carbohydrate and sugar, with most recipes suggest enhancing its sweetness in the forms of table sugar or simple syrups.

The Effects of Too Many Alcoholic Drinks

Along with alcohol quality, quantity must also be mentioned. Too much alcohol can wreak havoc on the body in a multitude of ways. First off, indulging on numerous rounds during happy hour can easily pack on hundreds upon hundreds of calories. And those half-prized appetizers also offered during happy hours? Thousands of calories may be ingested which may lead to the unhappiest of circumstances.

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