Peas For Weight Loss: These edible pods are a powerhouse of nutrition and have the potential to induce satiety to a great extent.

Are you often pressed for time? Is your daily working schedule making you skip breakfast meals? If the answer to both these questions is a yes, then it’s probably time for you to bring to your rescue an easy, quick yet healthy recipe during the morning hours that will not only save your time but also promote your overall health. We’re talking about paneer bhurji. Paneer bhurji is extremely easy-to-make recipe and takes not more than just 5 minutes to prepare. Since paneer is itself an excellent source of protein, it tends to fill you up for a longer spell, further keeping hunger pangs at bay. But wait! What if we say that you can now increase the protein-quotient of your already protein-rich meal?! It’s very much possible and all you’ve to do is to give your dish a healthy boost by adding a stellar ingredient that is quite commonly available in most Indian household kitchens. Wondering what ingredient is it? They’re green peas.

These edible pods are a powerhouse of nutrition and have the potential to induce satiety to a great extent. According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, “This naturally sweet legume has a nutrient content that guarantees it a place in the medicinal food world. Peas are rich in vitamin K, manganese, and vitamin C, and are a good source of folate and trace elements. Their insoluble fibre content is good for the gut and also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.”

Adding green peas to your regular paneer bhurji would also add up to the fibre load, further making it useful for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. A healthy digestion is often linked to sustained weight loss. You can either add the green pods as is or make a puree out of them and then add the paste to the paneer bhurji. We are just adding the pods as is as; this way the fibre content would be retained, making it apt for the digestive system.

If you do not like the distinct flavour of green peas, you can blend a puree out of the pods and add in a pinch of chaat masala to make it palatable. So, the next time you plan to prepare paneer bhurji for breakfast, don’t forget to add green peas to it and take the nutrition level a notch higher.

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