Nutrition and Its Types

Nutrients include both organic and inorganic compounds. The organic compounds include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins. Inorganic compounds contain minerals and water. Depending upon the quantity of nutrients in food the nutrients are classified as macronutrients and micronutrients


Method of nourishment is the best approach to acquire nourishment. Based on acquiring and using nourishment, there are two sorts, autotrophic and heterotrophic.

Autotrophic sustenance: When a life form arranged their own nourishment and doesn’t rely upon some other life form is called as autotrophic sustenance.

A living being that follows the autotrophic method of nourishment is called as autotrophs e.g., plants.

Autotrophic method of nourishment is additionally separated into two classes photoautotrophs (utilizes photosynthesis as a wellspring of vitality, e.g., plants and green microscopic organisms) and chemoautotrophs (utilizes chemosynthesis, e.g., non-green sulfur microorganisms).


Photoautotrophic method of nourishment is the procedure of development of nourishment by the procedure of photosynthesis.

Right now, life form utilized daylight as a wellspring of vitality alongside carbon dioxide and water.

A life form that follows such method of nourishment is called as photoautotroph e.g., green growth, green plants.


The method of nourishment wherein a life form rely upon the plant or another creature for nourishment is called as heterotrophic sustenance. A life form that completes heterotrophic nourishment is called as heterotrophs e.g., creatures.

Heterotrophic method of nourishment is additionally isolated into three gatherings, for example,

Holozoic: It is the technique wherein creature taking in the intricate nourishment e.g., person, bovine, lion deer and so on.

Saprophytic: It is the technique wherein creature first believer the intricate nourishment into the less difficult and afterward use them as nourishment e.g., microscopic organisms, growths and so on.

Parasitic nourishment: It is the technique wherein a life form lives in the body of another living being and get supplements from them e.g., Plasmodium, worms and so on.

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