5 Workouts to Do With Your Kids

A kids exercise routine may not be equivalent to your standard gym regimen with squat racks and bench presses, but it can be just as effective! What’s more, there are exercises you can actually do with your kids. Not only does this give a good workout in for yourself, but gifts them a healthy role model to look up to.

It is also important to not be forceful and discouraging, but rather supportive and motivating so they will grow to love and sustain regular physical activity throughout all stages of life. Demonstrating and showing the proper technique and form can further instill confidence and prevent against injury.

There are numerous exercise videos for kids that offer structure and guidance, including for beginners and the ultimate 20-minute full body workout.

Plus, feel free to be creative and prepare a workout routine with the exercises listed below, whether incorporating them all or picking some to tackle a few times each week. Moreover, allow your child the autonomy to make an exercise routine of their own – they will love the independence and freedom!

1. Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are a timeless, yet effective exercise for kids and adults of all ages. They are likewise a valuable component to start any workout by revving heart rate and loosening up the muscles.

2. Jump Rope: The old fashioned jump rope helps improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen leg muscles. It can be used as a warmup or a complete workout like shown in this exercise video for kids and beginners. In absence of a physical jump rope, you can also mimic the exercise by jumping in place.

3. Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers not only promote cardiovascular health, but stimulate nearly every muscle in the body. The total body exercise only requires bodyweight, so they can be performed virtually anywhere.

4. Push-Ups: Push-ups are one of the best exercises for the upper body and core, come in numerous variations, and can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. For instance, you can push against the wall or on the knees for an easier modification.

What’s also great about push-ups? They can be completed almost anywhere, typically without added equipment, making them an excellent home exercise.

5. Planks: In addition to supporting a strong core, planks essentially target all muscles of the body. Get into plank form by stabilizing on your hands or with elbows bent. The entire body should form a stable, straight line, in which the core becomes activates by contracting the ab muscles. Start with 30 second planks and increase time as the struggle to sustain the position starts to become easier.

Make it a fun challenge and see who can hold a plank for the longest time. Winner gets to pick the next exercise!

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