4 Rules For Feeling Beautiful and Looking Great

Looking beautiful takes some effort, but we can all admit that we feel much better about ourselves among our peers if we have a sense of confidence in the fact that we look attractive. Sometimes, though, when it becomes to difficult to juggle work, families, social lives, and even new changes to our skin and looks, caring for ourselves can fall by the wayside.

Here are 4 simple rules to help you simplify your beauty priorities and find not only a more attractive and confident look, but also a little extra peace of mind about the way you look and feel when you go out.

Rule 1: Beauty in, Beauty Out

The makeup bag is the first place most of us look when we want to make a change to our look, but the first place we should really be looking is our refrigerators. Weight concerns aside, a healthy body is an attractive body, and the best way to ensure you look your best at any age is simply to make sure you’re getting a complete diet that prioritizes nuts, fruits, green vegetables, and healthy proteins and fats like those found in fish and olives. Most of us, right or wrong, feel that we could lose a little weight, but the real question we should be asking ourselves is not “am I fat?” or “how can I lose weight?” — it’s “am I nourishing my body properly?” and “do I feel healthier and energized because of what I eat, or is it just another reason I feel unattractive?”

What to do: Avoid excesses of oily foods, carbohydrates, starches, excess salt, and processed foods. These all have a negative impact on your mood and energy levels, along with contributing to weight gain.

Rule 2: Avoid Environmental Extremes

Did you know that most of the “signs of age” that we see on older people have a lot less to do with their years or even their genetics, and a lot more to do with how much sun they have had? Exposing yourself to excessive heat and sunlight doesn’t just tend to increase your risk of skin cancer, cause rashes and burns, and deplete your tissues of the water that helps keep them smooth; it also creates wrinkles, loose and saggy tissue, and age spots. Any dermatologist can tell you that all the fancy skin products in the world don’t make as much difference as simply preventing sun damage — and many of the “age signs” you want to avoid — in the first place.

What to do: Apply sunscreen, or a moisturizer with sunblock in it, before you leave the house. In the summer months or whenever you expect to be getting more than a few hours of sun exposure, reapply. The easy way to do this: purchase a tinted moisturizer-sunscreen that doubles as a foundation. Not only will your skin stay fresh and dewy-looking from the moisturizer; you will also help maintain a “put-together” look and ensure you look younger for longer!

Rule 3: Purify Your Space

We cannot always avoid exposing ourselves to pollutants in the air and water, but even those of us who live in the city can do a lot to help purify our intake of these vital elements as much as we can. Acne, spots, and even rashes can develop because of polluted air, and poorer-quality water can affect everything from our moods (depending on the mineral pollutants in the water) to our immunity to common diseases. If you think about it, you consume more air and water in a day than you do food and sun; shouldn’t cleaning up your intake be a higher priority?

What to do: Purchase a reliable water filter (shop around and speak to water purification specialists before you invest in a low- or mid-grade model that may be ineffective). If you live in a smoggy area, try to limit your outside time to the early morning, when the air is at its most pure.

Rule 4: Nourish Your Body and Mind

Each of these rules comes back to one central, cardinal rule: above all, to create beautiful skin and a beautiful appearance, you must nurture your body and preserve your health. Whether that means developing better habits to make sure you moisturize and exfoliate daily, or just adjusting your environment to make it easier for you to trim down your intake of foods and resources that damage your health along with your appearance, your life and well-being have to come first. Focus on natural products for their health benefits, take the time to enjoy the moments you take to care for yourself and nourish your mind and body, and you may see a remarkable change in how young you look — and an even more remarkable change in how happy and self-confident you feel.

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