4 Morning Energy Boosting Yoga Poses

First and foremost, yoga is generally considered to be safe. However, consulting with a healthcare provider before beginning any fitness regimen or practice is often recommended.

Doctor approval is particularly important if managing a health condition, including high or low blood pressure. Additional contraindications for common yoga poses include pregnancy, insomnia, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and neck pain.

If good to go, dismiss the snooze button and grab a yoga mat. You do not want to miss flowing into these energy-boosting yoga moves to jumpstart the day!

1. Cobra Pose

The gentle backbend in the Cobra Pose opens the airways to gift energy and fight fatigue. The pose also is suggested to strengthen the spine while firming the buttocks and abdominal muscles. It may also be therapeutic for sciatica and asthma.

How to Do the Cobra Pose:
1. While lying on the stomach, stretch both legs back and tops of the feet to the floor.
2. Spread the hands underneath the shoulders while the elbows hugging the body near the ribcage.
3. On an inhale, lift the head and shoulders off the ground while contracting the back muscles. Keep as little weight in the hands as possible.
4. The back should be slightly bent, with the tailbone pressing down and the buttocks activated.
5. Hold for up to 30 seconds before releasing from the floor.

2. Upward Salute

The Upward Salute helps energize the body while stretching it to combat stiffness. In addition to defeating fatigue, the pose may ease asthma, indigestion, and backache.

How to Do the Upward Salute:
1. Assume the Tadasana position, also known as Mountain Pose.
2. While inhaling, raise arms towards the ceiling with the palms facing one another.
3. If possible, interlace the fingers and stretch high. The ribcage should be lifted while the tailbone simultaneously comes down.
4. Hold for a few deep breaths or minutes. Transition into Prayer Pose, Standing Forward Bend, or release slowly.

3. Camel Pose

Similar to a backbend, Camel Pose stretches and opens up the upper body. Expanding and opening the diaphragm encourages deep breathing, ultimately improving and stimulating energy. Camel Pose is also advocated to reduce neck and back pain and stimulate an efficient digestive system.

How to Do the Camel Pose:
1. Come to the knees with the legs hip-width apart. Place hands on the waistline and thumbs down to the sacrum. This should resemble reaching in the back pocket of a pair of jeans.
2. Engage the core and press hips and thighs, maintaining an upright position.
3. While keeping the core engaged, open the chest and loop shoulders back into an arch. Continue to reach until the hands contact the heels, or leaving them positioned on the glutes if needed.
4. Assume the pose for five breaths then slowly bring torso up to an upright position.

4. Upward-Facing Dog Pose

The Upward-Facing Dog is a common, yet powerful pose to awaken the upper-body. Upward Facing Dog can likewise help improve posture. It may also be useful for managing respiratory ailments, mild backache, anxiety, and menstrual discomfort.

How to Do the Upward-Facing Dog Pose:
1. Laying down on the stomach, extend shoulders and chest upwards while pressing hands flat into the ground. The shoulders should be away from the ears as the head draws back.
2. Mostly using the spine, lift up to open up the airway while lifting the legs from the mat. This includes pressing the tops of the feet to lift knees.
3. Breathe for two to six breaths for natural invigoration and energy!

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